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common application data folder windows 7

Jan 10,  · Common or shared files are files stored in a folder which is shared among all users of that computer. In Windows 7, it is the c:\Users\Public\Documents\ folder (or something similar in other versions of Windows). I want to store some files and edit them for my software in common Application Data under Windows 7. I do not know why Windows 7 doesn't allow my software to change files unless I . Nov 13,  · AppData or Application data is a hidden folder in Windows 7. It is to protect user data and settings from any unwanted change or deletion. It contains many important data such as program settings, IE cookies, toolbar settings, IE browsing history, temporary files created by applications, Libraries, send to items, templates and many more.

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I am working on a issue that relates to the Common Application Data folder. To sequence the application I:. I have also put a Command Prompt into the package to make sure the folders are present inside the bubble.

However, for some reason the application continues to look for the configuration folders outside the bubble. The end result is that the application complains the folders are missing and then throws an error. Ok, so your file are definitely in the sequenced application right?

And you just want to do a check. What kind of script are you using? Common application data folder windows 7 are you running it?

What's the OSD look like for it? Twitter: stealthpuppy Blog: stealthpuppy. This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or view of Microsoft, its employees, or other MVPs. Please remember to click " Mark as Answer " or " Vote as Helpful " on the post that answers your question or click "Unmark as Answer" if a marked post does not actually answer your question.

This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. Thanks for common application data folder windows 7 response Rorymon. I am not using any scripts at this stage, unless common application data folder windows 7 have been put into the OSD by the sequencer. I will post a copy of the OSD file first thing in the morning. As far as timings go the application has time to start and presents a login GUI.

Based on this I do not think I have timing issue. I did check that value when I edited the package. All of the folders in the VFS appear to have the Override local value set by default. I will double check this but I am pretty sure it is on for all folders. I am going to post up a copy of the OSD as well so that may provide some more insight, common application data folder windows 7.

I have only spent a day on it so far. It seems to be, at face value, a very simplistic package to capture. Except for the issue I have hit that is :. I'm a little confused. I had assumed it was a pre-script you wanted to put into check if some folder or files exist. But you only want a command prompt to appear? Was the command prompt just for your own debugging purposes? Sorry if I completely missed it on this. The files are definitely in the virtual application?

No, I am not looking to put a command prompt into my package. I am trying to work out why the application is not looking for a folder within the bubble. Instead it is looking for the folder and its contents outside the bubble. When I sequenced the application I did a manual installation. The sequence captured the folder copy as I can see it in the VFS.

As Aaron has suggested I need to check the Override local option. I have also used this to check permissions on the files and folders inside the bubble. This all looks good to me. The Interaction with Local is set to False by default. I have changed this to TRUE with no positive result. Then you could do, what Rorymon says find this hardcoded path or sequence the package in a Windows 7. Furthermore that same folder does not exist in the package.

Which process is Process Monitor showing looking for the path? You need to ensure that process is running inside the package. Hi Guys. I believe I may have found the fault. Testing so far is OK. The comment from Roryman on hard coded paths is spot on.

This XML file acts like a connection string. It tells the client the name of the database server, database and stipulates credentials to use to connect to the database. I have not read any guildlines to handling hard coded paths in App-V sequencing guide so I am not sure how to handle these yet.

What I have done is this:. I need to fully test the application but it seems to get around the issue I was experiencing. Is this an acceptable workaround or I am creating a problem by doing this?

Any guidance would be great. I guess what is throwing me is that I was expecting the APP-V client to trap all the calls to access the file system and handle e. So even if there was a hardcoded path the application would read the path, try to access it, and then APP-V would intercept the call and send it common application data folder windows 7 the VFS.

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Application Virtualization App-V. If you have any sequencing recipes to share, please do so in the App-V Sequencing Recipes forum. Sign in to vote, common application data folder windows 7. Any help would be great. Thanks, Nathan NSutton. Thursday, April 26, AM.

In some cases applications that have hard-coded paths common application data folder windows 7 work unless the paths are corrected. The application may be validating the location of the files against the XML file.

If you do a ProcMon you may be able to see where the calls for the files are going. Tuesday, May 1, AM. Parker 0. Edited by Aaron. Thanks again. Thanks for the response Aaron. Cheers, common application data folder windows 7, NSutton. Hi Nathan, common application data folder windows 7, I'm a little confused. If not is is it possible that location got put into your exclusion list? Thursday, April 26, PM. Hi Rorymon, No, I am not looking to put a command prompt into my package.

Thanks for the response. Did you try what Aaron has suggested? I completely misunderstood the situation. The OSD looks fine. Yep, I double-checked that the Overide check box was enabled inside the package. I have packaged and re-packaged this several times now and haven;t made any progress. Is there any hardcoded Registry or Ini Files. Also you should check a locally installed version of the application and check if you are possibly missing an environment variable.


Common Application Data folder


common application data folder windows 7


On Windows 7, this path points to c:\ProgramData folder. The setup, which requires administrator privileges, copies the file there. However, when my Visual Basic application starts and accesses the file, Windows 7 copies the settings file to a C:\Users {USER LOGIN}\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\. Jan 10,  · Common or shared files are files stored in a folder which is shared among all users of that computer. In Windows 7, it is the c:\Users\Public\Documents\ folder (or something similar in other versions of Windows). May 02,  · Unless you deleted the "Application Data" folder, it is still a Junction, and it is only a pointer to another folder. You cannot be the only one who has done this, and you may want to search for a utility or procedure to re-set things. System File Checker (sfc) may help.