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May 29,  · Go through our list of best smartphones under $ and you will find the one just perfect for you. What are other people reading on Best Smartphones under $ to Buy in Best Tablets For Photo Editing And Photoshop To Buy In Best Drones for Kids to buy in Top Best inch TVs Author: Review Team. Aug 29,  · Best Phones for The Note 9 is a terrific phone, but Samsung is clearly holding back for It has one ace up its sleeve to top the fully equipped Galaxy S9. Those cameras aren't a gimmick: This phone takes superb shots in low light. The best iPhone. The iPhone X is still king of the Apple smartphone hill. Mar 25,  · Upcoming Smartphones of 1. OnePlus 7. 2. Google Pixel 4. 3. Nokia 10 PureView. 4. Xiaomi Mi Fold/Flex (Xiaomi Folding Smartphone). 5. Samsung Galaxy Note 6. Pocophone F2. 7. Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11+. 8. Xiaomi Mi 9. Microsoft Surface Smartphone. Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

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I am sure most of us saw or owned a phone before the smartphone era when the devices were a lot thicker and more compact than what we got accustomed today, used mainly for calling and rarely for occasional basic gaming, but tough enough to handle a few drops to the ground, top smartphones oktober 2019.

Then came the touchscreen phones which were still tough enough and top smartphones oktober 2019 the smartphones took over the world, now with larger screens, smaller width, higher specs and, as expected, a higher price tag.

But, before that, you need to understand that the rugged smartphones are not really a homogeneous group and that, in reality, they are divided for two main audiences: the ones that work in an industrial environment or in constructions and need a fully rugged, durable and no-compromises phone where the internal specs are not a high priority and the ones that need a mid-to-high-end smartphone which will survive the occasional fall even face first and that can handle splashes or even full submerges underwater usually, active people who regularly practice different types of outdoor sports, top smartphones oktober 2019.

The Cat S61 is the successor to the relatively successful rugged smartphone CAT S60, a device which not only was suitable for construction workers and could withstand even the harshest environments, but it also did so while maintaining the elegant look of modern smartphones. It also came with a twist: the S60 featured a thermal imaging camera. Furthermore, the smartphone also got larger, but kept a similar width to its predecessor: it measures 5.

Additionally, because the edges of the smartphone are smooth and rounded, it makes it easier to hold the phone and not worry about it slipping especially because of the rubber back panel. The CAT S61 phone can withstand a lot of punishment. It is drop proof, so it can endure drops from 6 feet onto concrete thanks to its reinforced die cast frame and the smartphone is also MIL Spec G rated, which means that the CAT S61 was tested against drops, vibration, wind, rain, sand, salt fog, extreme temperature, high altitude, as well as humidity and it survived.

But, there is no guaranteed protection if the phone is dropped on a sharp object from a greater height. The Cat S61 is also IP68 rated, therefore it can be submerged under water down to 10 feet for 60 top smartphones oktober 2019, making it one of the most waterproof smartphones on the market, top smartphones oktober 2019. The natural question is if you actually need all these features. Well, we have to remind ourselves that this is a phone made by Caterpillar, top smartphones oktober 2019, so engineers, electricians or construction workers could make better use of it: for identifying insulation gaps, to discover electrical faults and so on.

But, you can also use it for fun in everyday top smartphones oktober 2019 like discovering the freshest piece of bread, spotting wires before drilling holes into the wall or just pretend to be the alien from the Predator movie. Since we already talked a bit about the front of the phone, know that the S61 features a 5. The p resolution is enough for a screen of this size and the viewing angles are solid. The S61 runs on Android 8. On the front, you can find an 8-megapixel top smartphones oktober 2019 camera.

Verdict: The S61 is equipped a lot better than most other smartphones in this list, it has lots of features and it also looks a lot better than some industrial-focused handsets not even close to the flagships, but still modern enough for a rugged phone. In terms of ruggedness, the S61 excels in every aspect, it is waterproof, dustproof and can handle lots of drops and, additionally, you also get the awesome thermal imaging camera, the laser measuring tool and the air quality sensor.

This means that it takes the first place in our list. From the design point of view, the CAT S41 does not bring anything revolutionary to the table, the smartphone retaining a similar look to the other CAT handsets, featuring a thick rubberised case retaining the same octagonal shapecovered by a black finish and with narrow longitudinal canals on the rear and the lateral sides which will offer a better grip.

The front side of the CAT S41 maintains the same minimalistic tone, being covered by a glossy surface, down until it gets interrupted by the physical buttons it still has those three handy buttons: Back, Home and Recent Apps. Furthermore, on the top side, the CAT S41 has a 3, top smartphones oktober 2019. As can be expected top smartphones oktober 2019 a rugged smartphones, the CAT S41 is IP68 certified, which means that it is dust-proof and you can submerge the handset underwater down to 6.

One of the elements that did get an upgrade and it desperately needed one is the display, which is now 5 inches TFThas a resolution of x pixels from the x pixels of the S60 — unfortunately, the S31 is stuck with this lower resolutionit has a pixel density of approximately ppi, top smartphones oktober 2019 ratio and the screen is protected by the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which should provide a top smartphones oktober 2019 protection against scratches but nothing more.

The display is reasonably colourful, with balanced black and white levels, but, while it is very bright, it is also quite reflective so, in certain conditions, it may be hard to see the display. Nevertheless, the phone will handle multitasking well it kept the same 3GB top smartphones oktober 2019 RAMapps will open immediately and the multimedia experience is satisfactory, but it will perform as a mid-ranger when it comes to gaming.

So, the cameras are still the Achilles heel for any CAT phone and their performance is not really on par with what other devices from the same price range can offer. One of the greatest upgrades over the last generation of CAT phones is the mAh battery non-removable Li-Ion which allows the S41 to deliver up to 44 days of battery life if left in stand-by made me nostalgic of the good old days of the non-smart phones and on light to medium use you could get more than 4 days of battery life.

One cool feature is the ability to charge other devices using the provided Battery share dongle you can set a minimum battery life which, when reached, the CAT S41 will stop charging the second device and, the S41 also features the Pump Express 2. This year we seem to get spoiled by the manufacturers of rugged mobile phones, so, besides the new line of CAT rugged smartphones which includes the S41 and the S61we now get the Sonim XP8, the successor to the widely popular Sonim XP7 which was released more than 4 years ago this gap is an interesting, not-really-consumer-friendly approach from the California-based company and it seems that the new device has retained pretty much everything that made its predecessor great, but it has also enhanced some of its core elements to make it more suitable for The Sonim XP8 is not aiming at the general users, but at a very specific niche audience that mainly includes the construction workers, the electricians, the people that work at chemical plants and especially it is aimed at those that are the first responders while working in hazardous and emergency-type conditions — this is enhanced by the FirstNet Ready certification FirstNest gives the first responders access to a congestion-free broadband LTE network where the data can be quickly send a received, therefore ensuring that more lives can be saved and it ensures an overall better public safety.

Some other features that were the norm for a long time and are now turning to be something quite exotic are the removable battery and the microSD card, but Sonim is also guilty of removing the 3. On the front side, Sonim decided to put a 5-inch ISP LCD display which has a aspect ratio, ppi pixel density and a resolution of x pixels. Note: You can still operate the smartphone even if you have wet fingers or gloves. So, similarly to its predecessor, the phone is not indestructible but it is one tough piece of work!

As you can see, Sonim has made significant progress in the hardware top smartphones oktober 2019 department as well the XP7 had 1GB of RAM, an Adreno GPU and a Snapdragon chipso the phone will feel more responsive, it will allow some light gaming and the multitasking will be handled with ease.

It will also allow for a decent experience with the Android 7. Moving on to the cameras, we can see that the Sonim XP8 sports a megapixel rear camera uses the PDAF technology and it can film p videos at 30 fps and a 8-megapixel front camera suitable for selfies.

That being said, the Sonim XP8 is definitely one of the most rugged smartphones available in and its mid-range performance will be enough for most of its users, while it will also be a great addition to not only workers in tough environments, but for people that practice outdoor sports as well, top smartphones oktober 2019.

At 5-inch, Panasonic calls the Toughpad FZ-E1 a handheld tablet that can make phone calls compatible with 4G LTE data which myself and a large majority of people may find odd, since 5. So, the 5-inch mini-tablet which can make calls is a smartphone, right? Well, yes and no. It certainly has all the functions of a normal smartphone, but the way it is built and the additional features it has, sets it apart even from the rest of the rugged smartphones and the closest device that I could find is the Cat S60 since it has also narrowed its niche by using top smartphones oktober 2019 thermal imaging camera, top smartphones oktober 2019.

On the left side, you can find the volume controller, a side button used along with the barcode reader, but it can also be reprogrammed and a second top smartphones oktober 2019 rail, while on the back side, the large cover can be removed to reveal a removable battery and underneath it, top smartphones oktober 2019, there is a card access cover. Smartphones had a tendency to go upwards towards the 5. On the plus side though, the screen of the FZ-E1 is operable with gloves and it senses rain drops, top smartphones oktober 2019, therefore preventing the activation of the screen by water droplets the process involves limiting the touchscreen multi-touch usability from 10 fingers to just one finger.

Furthermore, the Toughpad FZ-E1 is also MIL-STDG certified, so it can handle both high and low temperatures the operating range is between -4 and degrees Fahrenheitexplosive atmosphere, humidity, sand and dust, vibration including loose cargo transportationshock, freezing rain, acidic atmosphere and more.

The device is also certified ANSI One top smartphones oktober 2019 curious, but interesting feature is the internal heater which has top smartphones oktober 2019 role to warm up the device in case it gets below Top smartphones oktober 2019 rear camera will take reasonable photos in good lighting and especially outside in a sunny day although there was a bit of overexposingbut indoors and during the night the photos were full of noise and blurry.

One of the most important aspects of any smartphone or tablet rugged or not is the battery life and it seems that Panasonic did not held back in this chapter equipping the Toughpad FZ-E1 with a high capacity 3. That being said, the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-E1 is pretty much the pinnacle of ruggedness, having a screen resistant to shock, the case can handle pretty much everything you throw at it, it has some awesome features suitable for an industrial environmentbut there are some minuses, since software is a bit outdated, the cameras are nothing to brag about, the device is incredibly thick there is no chance you would put it in your pocket and the most important negative is the incredibly high price.

The Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 is the latest handset from the Japanese manufacturer to join the rugged smartphones market as a successor to the DuraForce Pro in an effort to improve some key elements and make the device more suitable for the exigences of the But, top smartphones oktober 2019 people craving for an elegant, yet rugged smartphone, the manufacturers are still having a hard time to keep their devices slim and with the latest features, while also being resistant against drops or other mechanical shocks.

Furthermore, on the rear panel, there are four patches of texturized rubber that slide towards the screen and, on centre of the rear panel, the plastic is a lot smoother. Because of the curved back, the phone fits comfortably inside the palm of the hand, but the increased size over the DuraForce Pro 2 will not go unnoticed, since it now measures 5. Another interesting aspect is that I found it hard to fit the phone in my pocket because of its thickness so keep that in mind before purchasing.

That being said, the main attraction of any phone is the display and Kyocera has equipped the DuraForce Pro 2 with a 5-inch IPS LCD display that features 16 million colours, a resolution of x pixels and a pixel density of ppi so, nothing has changed in this department. Furthermore, you get the same Sapphire Shield protection, so the display becomes virtually unscratchable and it is a bit harder to break than the traditional screens if it falls at a odd angle, the screen will shatter into pieces instead of cracking like the usual Corning Gorilla Glass protection.

Similarly to the DuraForce Pro 2, the top smartphones oktober 2019 is greatly improved over the dim Kyocera Brigadier, so, even for a sapphire screen, top smartphones oktober 2019, you can clearly see everything even under direct sunlight. Still, you should not expect the vividness of AMOLEDs or the true colours of iPhones, but the DuraForce Pro 2 does a fair job on delivering a good visual experience, with images and text being crisp and clear, the colour accuracy is reasonably good and it has surprisingly good viewing angles.

What I found annoying is that Kyocera left so much space unused on the front, while the display of so many other smartphones cover almost completely the front side except for the dreaded notch, top smartphones oktober 2019.

Note: You can use the touch-screen even if you are wearing gloves or if your fingers are wet. Similarly to Kyocera DuraForce Pro, top smartphones oktober 2019, the DuraForce Pro 2 has a Military Standard G certification, so the phone should withstand low pressure, temperature shock, any contamination by fluids, humidity, solar radiation, high altitude, mechanical vibration, pyroshock, icing or freezing rain and more, which makes the handset perfect for working in industrial fields the device is also Class I Division 2 rated, so it can be used in hazardous places without causing explosions.

Furthermore, the phone is IP68 rated, which means that it is protected against dust and it is waterproof, meaning that it can be temporarily immersed under water. To be more precise, the DuraForce Pro 2 will allow you to go as deep as 6. And that leads us to the cameras. On the rear side, the DuraForce Pro 2 features a main megapixel camera, with autofocus, top smartphones oktober 2019, LED flash and HDR, and a secondary wide-angle 8-megapixel camera an upgrade from the 2-MP of the previous model.

In good light, the camera can capture some really good photos, with accurate colours, a low amount of noise and an overall good exposure. In low light, the camera struggled a bit, capturing photos with a lot of noise and grain. The secondary wide-angle camera is definitely an interesting addition, because it can capture super wide-view 4K videos and the upgrade to the 8-megapixel sensor is definitely noticeable, top smartphones oktober 2019.

The front 5-megapixel camera no upgrade here is good for selfies, but again, it will do a decent job in good light, but not so much indoors and in low-light top smartphones oktober 2019. On the inside, the DuraForce Pro 2 is equipped like a mid-range smartphone, sporting an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset octa-core 2. This hardware is specific to a mid-range handset and the performance will be as expected: great at multitasking, but not the best with 3D games that require a lot of resources.

The phone also runs on Android v8. Ignoring the carrier apps, the interface is reasonably clean and Kyocera added only a few top smartphones oktober 2019 applications, such as the Outdoor Portal, which is a good top smartphones oktober 2019 for checking the weather, the real-time position of the moon and the sun, the correct altitude and even the tide with a fish activity rating. The last aspect that I would like to cover is the battery life.

Just like the Duraforce Pro, the Pro 2 comes with a non-removable mAh battery which will get you through a full day of medium use in the continuous loop video test, the battery died after almost 7 hours.

Verdict: The Kyocera Top smartphones oktober 2019 Pro 2 is definitely a better smartphone than the Kyocera Brigadier, but less of a significant upgrade over the DuraForce Pro 2 although it does have a slightly better camera and more powerful hardware. Of course, this may be a great thing for new buyers that get a larger variety of rugged smartphones to choose from, top smartphones oktober 2019, but for those that already have a previous gen Blackview phone, it does seem like there may be a problem considering the future support of older devices and the rugged smartphones are notorious for their lack of software updates.

But, perhaps the Chinese market is simply a lot more competitive when it comes to this type of smartphones, so the manufacturer has to gain an edge over the competition, therefore it had to release the Blackview BV Pro which, as expected, top smartphones oktober 2019, borrows some elements from the flagship devices ofsuch as the larger screen, the small bezels and the notch.

The other manufacturers of rugged handsets are a bit more conservative with adopting a new design and, top smartphones oktober 2019, instead, they prefer to maintain a sense of consistency between the new and the older models, but this has never been the case for Blackview which often pushes a completely redesigned exterior for its new smartphone. And that is also the case of the Blackview BV which moves away from the simple, yet elegant exterior of the BV which, finally, stripped some of the overdesigned elements from the rear panel and it brings them all back to what looks like a Transformers-inspired case.

So, the Blackview BV has the back panel mainly covered by an elastic rubber coating, top smartphones oktober 2019, as well as the four corners to protect the device in case it falls out of your hand, but there are also some anti-wear titanium alloy pieces on the left and right side of the smartphone, as well as on the rear panel surrounding the camera lens.

Another significant difference between the BV Pro and its predecessor is the fact that the device got a bit larger and wider it now measures 6. Top smartphones oktober 2019 the display, the bezels are a lot less narrower than on the BV Pro the premium feel is kind of gone, leaving space for the new more rugged look and top smartphones oktober 2019 also seems that Blackview has decided to keep away from adding any annoying IP68 logo as it did a few iterations back and which served absolutely no purpose than to undermine the overall look of the rugged smartphone.

I liked that Blackview has kept the USB type-C port for charging on the bottom side now left openbut, while I appreciate the dual-SIM tray, I noticed that the manufacturer decided to still shy away from re-adding top smartphones oktober 2019 3.

This, and the fact that there are no physical buttons that allow you to operate the interface are huge minuses from the convenience point of view and it really is an uninspired decision considering that this is a rugged smartphone and not some iPhone or Samsung device that tries to push some unwanted trend.

The BV Pro has kept the same IP68 protection against dust and water it can be submerged underwater down to 5 feet for up to 30 minutesbut, unlike the previous top smartphones oktober 2019, it is also IP69K-rated which means that it is protected against close-range high pressure and high temperature spray downs a requirement for many industry sectors and it also carries the MIL-STDG certification protection against vibration, high pressure, thermal shocks and more.

On the front, the BV Pro features a 5. The new aspect ratio will deliver a better gaming and movie watching experience and this is a feature that most manufacturers have adopted into their new smartphones, so Blackview is fully immersed in this new trend. Furthermore, top smartphones oktober 2019, the ppi do make a difference and greatly improve the image quality of the screen. The performance of the chipset comes quite close to the performance of the Snapdragonbut the GPU will behave a bit better with resource-heavy games and this has proven to be true in practice, since the BV Pro can handle most of the newer game titles and the multitasking was smooth and without problems.

Additionally, Blackview claims that it uses A. Besides the aspect ratio, Blackview has added a new element that has been trending in the smartphone world: a dual-camera. Furthermore, Blackview has also added an optional external night vision camera with Sony STARVIS IMX lens which you can attach to the smartphone using the USB Type-C port — unfortunately, it is not really properly integrated within the native software and it needs a proprietary app, but it does take some spectacular night shots.

The Blackview BV Pro comes with a non-removable 4, mAh Lithium-Polymer battery which can deliver up to 2 days of light to moderate use and will also allow a more demanding user up to 12 hours of screen-on time.


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May 29,  · Go through our list of best smartphones under $ and you will find the one just perfect for you. What are other people reading on Best Smartphones under $ to Buy in Best Tablets For Photo Editing And Photoshop To Buy In Best Drones for Kids to buy in Top Best inch TVs Author: Review Team. Aug 29,  · Best Phones for The Note 9 is a terrific phone, but Samsung is clearly holding back for It has one ace up its sleeve to top the fully equipped Galaxy S9. Those cameras aren't a gimmick: This phone takes superb shots in low light. The best iPhone. The iPhone X is still king of the Apple smartphone hill. Aug 21,  · Switching from Apple's iPhone or simply not a fan of iOS? Get a Google-powered alternative. Here's how to find the right device for you, along with the best Android phones we've Sascha Segan.